Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 sync with Microsoft Outlook

Just in case someone wants to sync his Xperia X10 with Outlook and is wondering why it’s not working, here is the solution.

Sony Ericsson (SE) does not support sync with outlook by default. They deliver various tools. But by default you’re just able to sync your Outlook Contacts to Google and then back to your Mobile. Or If you have Push mail, you can use the preinstalled Moxier Client.

If you just want to sync your local Outlook you have to use third party software such as My Phone Explorer. You can download that application on the following Site.

You will have to enable USB debugging on your phone before it will work. You have to enable usb debugging. This can be found under
Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging

Then you can configure the software on your computer and initialize the synchronization.

Just in Case your Mobile is not recognized by your computer, you may want to install PC Companion from SE Website. This might help.

Hope this article may halt some of you guys.
Thanks to the developer of the My Phone Explorer for this great application. The solution provided by SE is a total pain in the ass!

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