Mac OSX 10.7 Lion 100% CPU load after update from Snow Leopard 10.6.8

After installing OSX 10.7 Lion your CPU might go to 100% and not going down. As a result the fan is turning to a maximum speed.

There are two possibilities what’s happening.

1. Lion is indexing all your files. This might take some time. While indexing your CPU will be used to 100%. This is normal and no need to worry. You can see if your System is indexing if you check the spotlight icon in the top right corner. If the magnifier has a small dot in the center your system is indexing.

2. If there is no indexing in progress go to activity monitor and see what process is causing the problem. One of the process can be AGAdminService running as root. This process can be part of Citrix Online Plugin. If you have Citrix Plugin installed you can try to uninstall it. If it’s not working and the process still on 100% load, you have to execute the following command in a terminal session.

sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.citrix.agadminservice.plist

You’ll have to enter your root password. If you execute the command the Service should disappear and shouldn’t appear at the next logon.

Thanks for this solution to mahbool in the following thread in the Apple support forums.
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14 thoughts on “Mac OSX 10.7 Lion 100% CPU load after update from Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    1. i completly uninstalled citrix online plugin and unloaded this service. the error went away. after that i installed the citrix online plugin again. the plugin works fine again and the service is no longer using 100% of my cpu. it does not even appear in the list. not even if citrix plugin is running. but i did not delete the plist entry manually.

  1. Sounds like this works. Can you please tell me :
    1. first how to try and uninstall citrix on a mac? I am new to mac and would love to know your process.
    2. I am assuming that if uninstalling does not work, the next step is the terminal process. If so, are the setps:
    – use spotlight to find terminal
    – paste the following command in, “sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.citrix.agadminservice.plist”
    – enter password
    – removal complete
    – then I can reinstall citrix plug in?

    1. If you run the installer package of Citrix online plugin, you’ll have the option to uninstall the package by simply double clicking it. If you have an older version of Citrix Plugin installad the uninstallation process could be a bit different.

      If uninstallation does not solve the problem do the steps mentioned. After editing the plist file and the cpu load going back to normal, you can reinstall Citrix plugin. The problem does not appear in my case.

  2. Thank you very much for that. This temperature issue has been bugging me for days. My MB 13″ CPU temperature has now dropped from 80 degrees C to 48 degrees C which is pretty much where I was before installing Lion. I first tried uninstalling the Citrix online plugin without success (no temp difference) so I ran the script with success. I have downloaded the citrix receiver app from the apple store as opposed to reinstalling the “official” citrix plugin so I can still connect to my work. It all works great now so once again, thanks!

  3. Seriously, I cannot thank you enough. There were other forums out there trying to say the same thing, but yours was the only one this novice could understand.

  4. Hi, after posting that on Terminal, it prompted me to key in my password, but first of all, i didn’t create any password, in the past whenever the thing prompted up for me to key in, i just clicked ok without keying any password, but in this case, what should I do? I tried just ignore the keying of password instead, but fail after 3 attempts, any idea?

    1. hi khai
      when you installed your mac you did set a password. you will need it from time to time for installations and stuff. if you did not install your mac by yourself, ask the person that installed it for you. but i’m pretty sure you have a password somewhere.

  5. Wow, that actually worked. Immediately. Someone recommended I download Citrix. I ended up thinking I was going insane.
    Thank you!

  6. You, are a rock star. Ever since the upgrade to Lion, my computer has been running crazy hot – I’m talking upwards to 91C with the fans at full throttle as well as a cooling pad underneath. I was in constant fear of it completely shutting down. Researched a bunch of things, even took the thing apart to clean out the fans (not to worry, I knew what I was doing) nothing worked. Until this. I have no idea why I didn’t think to check the CPU usage – well, except for the fact that I never had this problem, ever, before the upgrade. Anyway, I stumbled across your post after checking out the CPU usage, followed the Terminal instructions and rebooted, and I’m now at a cool 44C. Again, you rock. Thanks!

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