Explorer.exe closed on Citrix session just after loading

Situation: New Installation of XenApp 6.0 on Windows 2008 Server r2
Plan: Setup a new Citrix XenApp 6.0 server and publish some applications. One of those applications would be Explorer.
Problem: If you publish explorer.exe on XenApp 6.0 it would open on the client but closes within split seconds after starting. There is no entry in the eventlog.
Solution: There is a registry key that will delay the startup of the application. This can solve the problem. It worked for my environment. There is no reboot required. Just open registry editor and go to the following path.


There you’ll have to add the following DWORD32 Key.
Set the value to “10” decimal.

After that you will have to logoff the client and logon again. After logon you should be able to open the published explorer.
Source: The original thread can be found here

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