Disable Windows Firewall via GPO

Problem: All clients in the network have windows firewall enabled. This may cause problems with the anti-virus to update the clients.
Solution: Disable all firewall services on the clients.
HowTo: Create a GPO that disables every computers windows firewall. You can find an article describing exactly how to do so can be found here.
Additional Info: By doing the stuff described in the link above, the service of the windows firewall is still running. You’ll have to deactivate the service via GPO as well. To do so, go to the group policy editor and ad the following entry: Computer Configuration\Control Panel Settings\Services. Add an entry for the windows firewall service. If your clients use windows XP you have to add an entry for a service called SharedAccess Start type should be set to Disabled. You might also configure to stop the service if it’s still running. If your clients are using windows 7 the service name would be MpsSvc.

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