[Tech] How To stream YouTube to your Sonos

There’s a few options to do so.

1. The 3rd party app
Download SonosTube, your Sonos speaker will appear in the app automatically if you are connected to the same WiFi obviously. Select the music you want to stream. Done.

2. The Youtube Premium way
Get YouTube Premium / Music, add your account in your Sonos controller and chose from YouTube music. This way you won’t need to use your phone. But you will not be able to play continuous streams like radio stations as this method only plays YouTube music.

3. Stream from your mobile with YouTube app running in the Background
You will need YouTube Premium or YouTube music. After activating YouTube premium your YouTube app will automatically activate a feature called “Background play” in your account settings. You will be able to stream YouTube even if the app is running in the background. Which is great because you do not want to always keep your phone open and unlocked. You can choose between always on or just if you have speakers or headphones connected. You choose the music or live stream you want and choose air play. Turn off you screen after you started the stream and the music will still continue to play in the background.

In general it would be nice to add continuous streams directly on the Sonos controller. Like this you would not need a phone to listen to your favourite stream. But there seems to be some kind of a problem with that as continuous streams do appear in the Sonos controller app but cannot be played.

Outlook can’t open / save attachments to disk

Situation: Citrix XenApp 6.5 on 2008 R2 Standard, Outlook 2010, user can’t open / save any attachments from outlook.
Solution: On the Terminal Server, go to the following Directory:

C:\Users\%USER_NAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

In this folder you’ll find various sub directories. Delete all of them and restart Outlook. You should be able to open / save files again.
I had this problem on two different infrastructures with two different users and it worked on both of them.

JS/Psyme.AKH – False Positive

This morning our Norman clients reported an trojan horse to be found on every Computer in the Network.

After starting a scan for any other infected files on the client computers, norman released the following support issue.

Norman Support Issue

After updating our Norman Servers the Update was spread automatically through the network. The Warnings disappeared and everything was back to normal.

Update the Norman Server and give it some time. Just ignore the message.

Outlook Error “Dieser Vorgang wurde wegen Beschränkungen auf diesem Computer abgebrochen”

Wenn auf einem Rechner mit Outlook mehrere Browser installiert sind und einer der Browser anschliessend deinstalliert wird, kann es sein das Outlook weder Links auf Websites noch Mailto Links öffnen kann. Die Ursache liegt in der Deinstallation des Browsers. Dabei werden diverse Registry werte nicht mehr auf die default Werte zurückgesetzt. Diverse Lösungen im Netz empfehlen den Standardbrowser neu zu definieren. Leider funktioniert dies nicht immer.

In folgendem Beitrag habe ich die Anleitung gefunden welche das Problem bei mir behoben hat.


a) Dazu druecke auf der Tastatur die Windows-Taste und die Taste[R] (alternativ auf Start und anschließend auf Aufuehren klicken).
b) Bitte gib nun “regedit” in die Befehlszeile, bestaetige mit OK (ohne Anfuehrungszeichen)
c) Wir befinden uns nun im Registrierungseditor.
d) Bitte öffne nun den ersten Schluessel (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT)
e) Navigiere bitte nun zum Schluessel .htm! Hier sollte ein Verweis auf einen anderen Registrierungsschluessel erstellt worden sein, dieser wurde durch “Google-Chrome” ersetzt.
f) Navigiere zurueck zum Schluessel .htm, auf der rechten Seite klicke bitte auf Standard. Trage hier nun den Wert “htmlfile” ein. (ohne Anfuehrungszeichen)
g) Diese Vorgangsweise benoetigen wir fuer folgende, weitere Schluessel:
.htm – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.html – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.mdbhtml – Standard-Wert in “Accesshtmlfile” aendern
.mht – Standard-Wert in “mhtmlfile” aendern
.mhtml – Standard-Wert in “mhtmlfile” aendern
.shtm – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.shtml – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.stm – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
(Ohne Anfuehrungszeichen)

Danke an alterkater für das erfassen dieser Lösung.

Error 0xc000000F when installing application on Windows 7

If you try to install an application you might receive an error 0xc000000F saying Windows cannot launch the application.

This happens if your Application is installed from a network Share. To solve the Problem you should copy the application to your local disc and start the installation procedure from this place. There is a HotFix by Microsoft as well. I did not test this personally but it might work as well.

The patch can be loaded here.
The corresponding KB article can be found here.

Windows Server not updating internet time

There might be a problem if you have a domain controller that is NTP server for the domain. The server might not update the time from external NTP server, even if you added an existing NTP server from the internet. There is a simple reason for that. By default windows is configured to update time from internet but there is a registry key that is not set correctly to effectively update the time from this server.

First go to:
in the key NtpServer you can set your preferred NTP server in the internet. For example pool.ntp.org

Then go to:
find the key called Type and change it’s value to NTP

After adjusting these keys open cmd and run the following command:
net stop w32time && net start w32time

The system time should change within the next few minutes.

All that is described in a Microsoft KB article: KB816042

Sage 50 Version 2009 LiveUpdate not installing Updates

There might be a problem with LiveUpdate of Sage50. You receive a list with updates available and live update is loading the updates and installing them as well. When finished and you run live update again the same updates will show up again.
The reason for that is an update failing without giving you information. In that case there is a simple solution. You’ll have to install the updates directly without LiveUpdate.
Go to the Sage FTP server to download a collection of all updates for your product.
If you need another language than German just navigate to the corresponding path on the FTP. There is a ZIP file to the latest version (for German it would be LUPSage50_CHD_9190.zip) Download the package and run the batch file included. Then all the patches are being installed one after another.
After installing you can run LiveUpdate again to check if all the updates were installed.

Backup Exec 2010 Error E000FED1 – A failure occurred querying the Writer status

Backup Exec fails with a writer status error. The backup exec error code is E000FED1. It appears in the eventlog of the server with the ID 34113.

This can happen if one of the writers fails while performing backup of the shadow copies.

There is a KB article from Symantec for this specific error. It can be found here.

You could check the points mentioned in the post or just reboot your server to solve the issue.

Update: The solution provided above does only work on a 2003 server based system. Thanks to John for the hint.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 sync with Microsoft Outlook

Just in case someone wants to sync his Xperia X10 with Outlook and is wondering why it’s not working, here is the solution.

Sony Ericsson (SE) does not support sync with outlook by default. They deliver various tools. But by default you’re just able to sync your Outlook Contacts to Google and then back to your Mobile. Or If you have Push mail, you can use the preinstalled Moxier Client.

If you just want to sync your local Outlook you have to use third party software such as My Phone Explorer. You can download that application on the following Site.


You will have to enable USB debugging on your phone before it will work. You have to enable usb debugging. This can be found under
Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging

Then you can configure the software on your computer and initialize the synchronization.

Just in Case your Mobile is not recognized by your computer, you may want to install PC Companion from SE Website. This might help.

Hope this article may halt some of you guys.
Thanks to the developer of the My Phone Explorer for this great application. The solution provided by SE is a total pain in the ass!

550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit

Diagnoseinformationen für Administratoren:
Generierender Server: domain.com
#550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit; message size exceeds fixed maximum size for route ##
Ursprüngliche Nachrichtenkopfzeilen:

If someone tells you about receiving the error above after sending you am message with some bigger attachment, you can check the receive connector on the Hub Transport and the Edge, or on the Mailbox and on the Hub server as well.

If you can’t find anythin at all, you might try the following cmdlet on the Hub Transport Server
Get-SendConnector ¦ Select identity,MaxMessageSize
You might see another message Size on the Edge Sync Subscription than on the rest of the Server.

If so go to your Hub Transport Server and open Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Send Connectors

On each EdgeSync Connector you can change the Value for Maximum message size (KB): in the general tab to 51200 to allow message size of 50MB

If you run the cmdlet again you will see the new value of 50MB in the List.

To make sure these changes take effect immediately you’ll have to run the following cmdlet on your Hub Transport Server to update the setting on your Edge Server.

From now on messages of maximum 50MB should be delivered from Edge to Hub Transport Server and the message will no longer appear.