Error 0xc000000F when installing application on Windows 7

If you try to install an application you might receive an error 0xc000000F saying Windows cannot launch the application.

This happens if your Application is installed from a network Share. To solve the Problem you should copy the application to your local disc and start the installation procedure from this place. There is a HotFix by Microsoft as well. I did not test this personally but it might work as well.

The patch can be loaded here.
The corresponding KB article can be found here.

Windows Server not updating internet time

There might be a problem if you have a domain controller that is NTP server for the domain. The server might not update the time from external NTP server, even if you added an existing NTP server from the internet. There is a simple reason for that. By default windows is configured to update time from internet but there is a registry key that is not set correctly to effectively update the time from this server.

First go to:
in the key NtpServer you can set your preferred NTP server in the internet. For example

Then go to:
find the key called Type and change it’s value to NTP

After adjusting these keys open cmd and run the following command:
net stop w32time && net start w32time

The system time should change within the next few minutes.

All that is described in a Microsoft KB article: KB816042

Open Files / Sessions in Server 2008

In Server 2008 sieht ja alles etwas anders aus als man sich das gewohnt war. Unter anderem gibts über Computer keine Verwaltung mehr wie in allen anderen Versionen zuvor. Nein es öffnet sich der Servermanager und die Suche kann beginnen.

Unter den Serverroles findet man dann den eintrag File Services und wiederum eine Stufe tiefer Share and Storage Management.

In den Actions auf der rechten Seite gibts dann auch den gesuchten Eintrag Manage Open Files resp. Manage Sessions.

Super versteckt was früher so einfach zgänglich war.