[Tech] How To stream YouTube to your Sonos

There’s a few options to do so.

1. The 3rd party app
Download SonosTube, your Sonos speaker will appear in the app automatically if you are connected to the same WiFi obviously. Select the music you want to stream. Done.

2. The Youtube Premium way
Get YouTube Premium / Music, add your account in your Sonos controller and chose from YouTube music. This way you won’t need to use your phone. But you will not be able to play continuous streams like radio stations as this method only plays YouTube music.

3. Stream from your mobile with YouTube app running in the Background
You will need YouTube Premium or YouTube music. After activating YouTube premium your YouTube app will automatically activate a feature called “Background play” in your account settings. You will be able to stream YouTube even if the app is running in the background. Which is great because you do not want to always keep your phone open and unlocked. You can choose between always on or just if you have speakers or headphones connected. You choose the music or live stream you want and choose air play. Turn off you screen after you started the stream and the music will still continue to play in the background.

In general it would be nice to add continuous streams directly on the Sonos controller. Like this you would not need a phone to listen to your favourite stream. But there seems to be some kind of a problem with that as continuous streams do appear in the Sonos controller app but cannot be played.

Citrix: Eine Verbindung mit dem Server mit Citrix Presentation Server ist nicht möglich. Fehler im Protokolltreiber

Problem: Nach einem Neustart des Citrix Presentation Servers 4.5 kann es sein das der Server keine Applikationen mehr starten kann. Die Fehlermeldung lautet:

Eine Verbindung mit dem Server mit Citrix Presentation Server ist nicht möglich. Fehler im Protokolltreiber

Beim Versuch den ICA Port per Telnet zu prüfen (telnet serverip 1494) bekommt man keine Antwort.
Lösung: In der Citrix Access Management Console wird bei den aktiven Sessions auf dem Server kein Eintrag für ICA-tcp vom Typ ICA angezeigt. Sollte das der Fall sein muss man den die ICA Connection deaktivieren und wieder aktivieren. Falls das nichts bringt die Verbindung komplett neu erstellen. Um die Verbindung zu deaktivieren öffnet man tscc.msc. Unter dem Eintrag Verbindungen kann man einen ICA-tcp udn einen RDP-Tcp Eintrag finden. Mit der Rechten Maustaste auf den ICA-tcp klicken und unter Alle Aufgaben Verbindung deaktivieren auswählen. Anschliessend auf demselben Weg die Verbindung wieder aktivieren. Dadurch wird die ICA Verbindung wieder aktiviert und der Server funktioniert wieder wie gehabt. Falls dieser Schritt das Problem nicht löst, gibt es von CItrix eine Lösung wie man die ICA-tcp Verbindung wieder neu erstellt.

Outlook can’t open / save attachments to disk

Situation: Citrix XenApp 6.5 on 2008 R2 Standard, Outlook 2010, user can’t open / save any attachments from outlook.
Solution: On the Terminal Server, go to the following Directory:

C:\Users\%USER_NAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

In this folder you’ll find various sub directories. Delete all of them and restart Outlook. You should be able to open / save files again.
I had this problem on two different infrastructures with two different users and it worked on both of them.

Boot Order on XenServer 5.6 FP1

Problem: You have a XenServer with several virtual machines on it. If one or more servers depend on another server it might happen that there is a bunch of problems if the depending servers are online before the master is.
Solution: If you start all servers with the “auto-start on server boot” option in the guest properties, the problem cannot be solved. There is an easy way to manage this. on the server that needs to be online, install XenCenter. In the windows task scheduler create a job which runs a command at startup.
Run it with highes priority and even if no user logon is selected.

Trigger the event to run at startup and activate it.
In the action Tab select “run program” as an action. Then locate the xe.exe File in the XenCenter program folder.

In the argument section enter the following command.
-s -u root -pw vm-start name-label=
Replace the settings between <> with your XenServer data.
All the other Task settings can stay on the default value. This task will now run as the master server starts up. If you need more than this server just create a task for every server you want to start a bit later. You may even start the tasks time triggered to create a complexe startup plan.

With this solution you should be able to start all the servers on your XenServer in a secific order.

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Dear Microsoft

Since Windows 8 Developer Preview has been released a few days ago. I will write a little something about my first Hands on Windows 8.

Windows 7 is not too old yet and Microsoft is about to drop the next operating system in about a year or something. I’ve been working on Windows 7 for the last year and have to admit, I’m quite happy with it. I did not really check on the informations on Windows 8 that were leaked / released before and i was not even watching any screenshots of earlier versions of Windows 8.

Yesterday I tried to install Windwos 8 on a ESX Server but I failed.

This morning I grabbed an old PC to install Windows 8. The machine is not the fastest but I guess for a first look it’s ok.

The setup looks exactly as we know it from windows 7. After selecting the disc to install it to, the setup starts and copys all the files.

After a reboot setup will check all your devices and get them ready to use.

Another reboot and the system will first start up.

The first thing completly new is the creation of some new users and making the basic system settings. At fist you’ll have to enter a name for your computer.

Then you are asked if you want to share your printers with other users in your network. If you select the first option you will be able to share printers with others in your location. This will be used in a company or home network. If you are in a public place, you may want to choose the secont option.

In the next screen you can enable or disable windows updates and some other settings for the upcoming Microsoft Online Store or whatever they will call it.

If you want to make Windows and apps better you should totaly select some of the following options.

Some more settings for you to choose. The Error reporting cannot be disabled in the Developer Preview but I guess in the final version it must be possible.

Something new comes on your screen. You could use your Live ID to logon to your computer and if you don’t want that you could select the second option. But you can see the second option is not really easy to bee seen so you will most likely logon with your Live ID. This will setup some stuff like your profile picture from Live and will add your name to your computer account. You can still create other users later if you like. So we go with the Live ID here.

After that your account will be created. It takes just a few minutes.

After about 30 Minutes your computer will have completed the setup process.

The computer will then login automatically the first time.

The whole setup process will take around 30 minutes which is quite fast. My computer was a pretty slow one with just 512MB of memory and an old Pentium 4 processor. So if you’re running a actual computer you might be finished in like no time.

Your System is now ready to use. But wait what the hell is this.

Microsoft decided to add some Tablet or Mobile feeling to his latest operating system. Windows 8 feels like Windows Phone 7 at first. To me this is quite annoying because it makes no sense.

All the Stuff you knew was there for the last 15 years or something is gone. Nothing really looks like you knew it before. Let’s take the start menu.

Where do I logoff? Where do I make a restart, which is quite important as we are working with a Microsoft operating system. To logoff your user you’ll have to klick on your user Icon in the top right corner. Why did they change it? Was it not good enough where it has been for the last 15 years?

Still asking myself where can i restart my computer? There must be a hidden button somewhere behind all this fancy stuff. THERE IS NOOOOT. To logoff you’ll have to klick on the Start Button and then select Settings. A menu will slide into your screen from the right side. There you will find a Poer button which you can click. you’ll then have to click restart or shutdown in the menu. but there is a faster way to do a shutdown. More on that a bit later.

OK let’s see if there is some kind of desktop where I can work somehow. Let’s try Win + d to get to the desktop. Nice they didn’t change this. At least something I don’t have to learn again. And look this is almost like we knew it from windows 7. Let’s click on the start menu to see if they changed it here too. Damn back where I was before. Lets klick on that desktop link there.

I’m back to the desktop. Let’s see the explorer then. Looks like it has become some part of Office program. Funny Ribbons and stuff.

If you go to computer you will have a real use of these Ribbons. You can click to see the properties of a folder directly and you can switch to Control Panel directly. You can also see your system properties in one click. Which is nice. You can map nework drives in one click. you could have done that in Windows 7 but there was no fancy Icon besides it.

The Ribbons become to make sense somehow. For example if you want to see the the properties of you harddrive or folder you just click on the folder and select the properties Ribbon. This saves you one rightclick.

You wouldn’t expect too much if you click on the Open Control Panel Rebbon. Actually there is nothing happening. It just opens. But it’s nice anyway to have it as a Ribbon.

The same with the System properties. Nice to have but not actually neccessary.

One pretty good thing though is that Microsoft added some Tabs to explorer. For example if you wanted to defrag a disk, you had to go to a path somewhere in the start menu. In windows 8 we have the possibility to do that directly from Explorer. If you selected your harddrive in Explorer, the Drive Tab will appear. You can then select to defrag, format or cleanup your harddisk.

So there is one question. Where is the command prompt? Actually they have made it into Explorer as well. if you select File you can run a command prompt. They even added a Run as Administrator entry. Nice isn’t it?

The first really good thing I noticed about Windwos 8 is the new designed Task Manager. They have discovered that it would be nice if you use some colors to see which processes are using the most ressources. I really like this one.

That was enough for the moment. I saw Windows 8. looks interesting but was it really neccessary to chanche all the good things of earlier versions? I mean what was wrong about the start menu? Or why did you copy Apples Launchpad? Do we really need this in Windows? Does Windows need these things? And why did you bring Windows Phone 7 to the computer? Because it sucks and you need another flop as we had it with Windows Vista? These are some questions that I was asking myself in the last few hours. I know that I can change Windows 8 to look like Windows 7. I know that this is not the final. I know that there may be some changes. I’m totally fine with it but I don’t like where this is going. There is going to be a lot of new crap that no operating system really needs in Windows 8. So let’s see how the final is going to be.

That’s it from my side
peace out

I almost forgot. The easiest way to shutdown Windows 8 is still the same as in all versions before:
Win + r
shutdown -s -f -t 0

Exchange 2007: Send As vs. Full Access Permissions

In Exchange 2007 and also most likely in Exchange 2010, you can give someone the full access permissions to a mailbox. But the person might not be able do send mails as this person. This happens because there’s a difference between the Send As and the Full Access permission. You might have the Full Mailbox permissions but as a matter of fact the Send As permission is not part of the Full Access permission. You need to give the user the right to send mails specifically.

All the information on the different permission types can be read in the Technet Article right here.

Mac OSX 10.7 Lion 100% CPU load after update from Snow Leopard 10.6.8

After installing OSX 10.7 Lion your CPU might go to 100% and not going down. As a result the fan is turning to a maximum speed.

There are two possibilities what’s happening.

1. Lion is indexing all your files. This might take some time. While indexing your CPU will be used to 100%. This is normal and no need to worry. You can see if your System is indexing if you check the spotlight icon in the top right corner. If the magnifier has a small dot in the center your system is indexing.

2. If there is no indexing in progress go to activity monitor and see what process is causing the problem. One of the process can be AGAdminService running as root. This process can be part of Citrix Online Plugin. If you have Citrix Plugin installed you can try to uninstall it. If it’s not working and the process still on 100% load, you have to execute the following command in a terminal session.

sudo launchctl unload -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.citrix.agadminservice.plist

You’ll have to enter your root password. If you execute the command the Service should disappear and shouldn’t appear at the next logon.

Thanks for this solution to mahbool in the following thread in the Apple support forums.
Link to Apple Discussions

How to open SSH connection in Mac OS X

If you want to open a SSH connection in Mac OS X you might use Terminal to do so.

In Spotlight write terminal

Start the application.

Once the terminal window is open, press the following combination: Shift + Apple (cmd) + K

Then another window opens and you can select SSH in the left menu. In the right menu you can enter the server address by clicking the + symbol. Now just enter your username for the server in the user field.

Select the Protocol you want and click connect. The connection to your server will be established.

Outlook Error “Dieser Vorgang wurde wegen Beschränkungen auf diesem Computer abgebrochen”

Wenn auf einem Rechner mit Outlook mehrere Browser installiert sind und einer der Browser anschliessend deinstalliert wird, kann es sein das Outlook weder Links auf Websites noch Mailto Links öffnen kann. Die Ursache liegt in der Deinstallation des Browsers. Dabei werden diverse Registry werte nicht mehr auf die default Werte zurückgesetzt. Diverse Lösungen im Netz empfehlen den Standardbrowser neu zu definieren. Leider funktioniert dies nicht immer.

In folgendem Beitrag habe ich die Anleitung gefunden welche das Problem bei mir behoben hat.


a) Dazu druecke auf der Tastatur die Windows-Taste und die Taste[R] (alternativ auf Start und anschließend auf Aufuehren klicken).
b) Bitte gib nun “regedit” in die Befehlszeile, bestaetige mit OK (ohne Anfuehrungszeichen)
c) Wir befinden uns nun im Registrierungseditor.
d) Bitte öffne nun den ersten Schluessel (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT)
e) Navigiere bitte nun zum Schluessel .htm! Hier sollte ein Verweis auf einen anderen Registrierungsschluessel erstellt worden sein, dieser wurde durch “Google-Chrome” ersetzt.
f) Navigiere zurueck zum Schluessel .htm, auf der rechten Seite klicke bitte auf Standard. Trage hier nun den Wert “htmlfile” ein. (ohne Anfuehrungszeichen)
g) Diese Vorgangsweise benoetigen wir fuer folgende, weitere Schluessel:
.htm – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.html – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.mdbhtml – Standard-Wert in “Accesshtmlfile” aendern
.mht – Standard-Wert in “mhtmlfile” aendern
.mhtml – Standard-Wert in “mhtmlfile” aendern
.shtm – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.shtml – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
.stm – Standard-Wert in “htmlfile” aendern
(Ohne Anfuehrungszeichen)

Danke an alterkater für das erfassen dieser Lösung.

Error 0xc000000F when installing application on Windows 7

If you try to install an application you might receive an error 0xc000000F saying Windows cannot launch the application.

This happens if your Application is installed from a network Share. To solve the Problem you should copy the application to your local disc and start the installation procedure from this place. There is a HotFix by Microsoft as well. I did not test this personally but it might work as well.

The patch can be loaded here.
The corresponding KB article can be found here.