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It’s been a while since the last update in here. Actually about 3 years. I was busy over the last few years and mainly working. No big trips just short vacations and city trips.

Due to our new company website at ServerBase, i realised that a lot of stuff has changed in WordPress over the last few years. After realising that my site is not working anymore, thanks to PHP 7.2 and WordPress themes that did not update, the site did not show for about 3 months.

This morning i found a few minutes to actually fix these issues and update WordPress, themes, plugins and PHP version. So I’m back now.

Over the last few Months I’ve been taking a bunch of pictures that I want to share here.

At the beginning of October, when autumn was approaching and the local valleys were in the fog every morning, I decided to take a quick early morning hike to Irchelturm which is about 20 minutes from home to climb up and check if I can take some pictures of the sunrise over the fog. That worked out pretty well I think.

2 weeks ago we probably had the last warm day of 2018 with perfect weather, blue skies and almost no clouds. It was also one of the last days where the trees still had their leafs on. So I went up to Eschenmosen and took a quick walk through the beautiful forrest with the amazing colors and the sunlight shinig through the trees. This is the result of that quick walk.

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