550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit

Diagnoseinformationen für Administratoren:
Generierender Server: domain.com
#550 5.3.4 ROUTING.SizeLimit; message size exceeds fixed maximum size for route ##
Ursprüngliche Nachrichtenkopfzeilen:

If someone tells you about receiving the error above after sending you am message with some bigger attachment, you can check the receive connector on the Hub Transport and the Edge, or on the Mailbox and on the Hub server as well.

If you can’t find anythin at all, you might try the following cmdlet on the Hub Transport Server
Get-SendConnector ¦ Select identity,MaxMessageSize
You might see another message Size on the Edge Sync Subscription than on the rest of the Server.

If so go to your Hub Transport Server and open Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Send Connectors

On each EdgeSync Connector you can change the Value for Maximum message size (KB): in the general tab to 51200 to allow message size of 50MB

If you run the cmdlet again you will see the new value of 50MB in the List.

To make sure these changes take effect immediately you’ll have to run the following cmdlet on your Hub Transport Server to update the setting on your Edge Server.

From now on messages of maximum 50MB should be delivered from Edge to Hub Transport Server and the message will no longer appear.

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